Field Trips


Scheduling a field trip at your sponsoring bowling center is a great way to reward your students at the end or they're Bowling-101 lesson. Contact Tracy at 866-861-5163 if you would like her to help you set up a fun and educational outing for your students.

Your local bowling center is also a great option to a rained out event. If you find yourself in this situation, instead of disappointing your students, move your outing indoors to your local, climate controlled bowling center!


 Do you need new gym equipment?Have you considered having a family fun night at your local bowling center? It's a great way to raise money for new equipment while providing a fun night out for  your school's families.

Here's how it works:
In most cases the bowling center will provide you with tickets to sell. They will want a set amount per ticket. Anything that you charge over that amount will become your profits.

The bowling center wants $5.00 per ticket which includes 2 hours of bowling, a slice of pizza and a pop. You sell the tickets to your students and their families for $10.00 each and raise $50.00 for every 10 people that go bowling.
These Family bowling outings tend to become events that your school's families look forward to, and all the while you are raising money for your school's cause! 

Call me if you need assistance contacting your local center. 866-861-5163